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2020 - 2021

Toronto, Ontario

Canvassed is a collaboration between Andrea Johnson Floral Design and five artists including Ailsa Craigen from Pen to Papier to bring floral arrangements to a permanent artistic interpretation. 

Through this collaboration Ailsa is offering ink on paper illustrations of client arrangements ordered through Andrea Johnson Floral Design

"Flowers are living art that makes our personal moments more memorable, more special. The flowers of your moments no longer need to be tossed away or hung to dry. The flowers of your life can live on from your first dance to your 50th wedding anniversary.


Andrea has worked to preserve not just floral art but the moments that floral designs are created for by collaborating an eclectic collection of talented artists from across Canada to bring you: Canvassed.


Each artist comes from a different background, offers a different style, and is inspired in different ways."


Original Floral Arrangement

Found Foraged and Designed_Ailsa Craigen

ⓒ Andrea Johnson Floral Design


About Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson is a floral artist based in Toronto, Ontario. She opened her own studio in September 2019 after a six year career in advertising in New York City. Andrea creates floral art based on one-of-a-kind design profiles for custom orders, video/photo shoots, events, weddings, and more.


Most notably, Andrea has embraced her floral creations as artistic statements that are exclusively designed for clients -- living art. She works closely with each client to design an arrangement specific to each request, with her signature touch of foraging. Andrea believes that by adding foraged elements from her environment, it elevates an arrangement's texture and helps to tell a deeper story about our delicate Mother Nature -- adding a touch of place and time that you will never be able to find elsewhere.


She has worked to preserve her artwork for clients by collaborating with Canadian artists to interpret her custom creations as part of her new offering entitled Canvassed. Numerous Canadian artists of different styles and backgrounds have been commissioned to interpret her work into lasting pieces for clients to order.

Andrea Johnson Floral Design

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